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Am I In Love? 3 Stunning Ways To Find Out Whether You Are Truly In Love Or Not

Often we tend to ask ourselves the same question over and over again- Am I really in love? Is this what you call love or is it just mere attraction? Often people confuse love for attraction.

You see the difference between love and attraction is that love is a deeper emotion and seems to last forever whereas attraction is just a temporary thing and is short lived.

Read on to discover some of the most mind blowing ways to really figure out whether you are in love or not...

Love is a strong emotion- As mentioned above love is always a strong emotion and seems to last almost forever. You see if you are really in love you would feel butterflies in your stomach all the time.

It's just not a one time thing. You would have strong desires to really meet the person you love or stay around that person as much as possible.

Love gives you pain- Does it really hurt when the person you love says something hurtful? You see if your love is really true every negative comment made by the person you love would truly hurt you deep.

We never take offence when negative comments are made by someone we are just attracted to or just like. But we are truly hurt when our lover makes a negative comment.

Love makes you sacrifice- If you are truly in love than you would be ready to sacrifice almost anything and everything for the one you love.

This would be done without any selfish motives and would be out of true inner desire to really do something for the one you love. This is what love truly makes you do.

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