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Why sad love poems? If you are experiencing the sadness of breakups, divorce, or discovering your partner has been cheating on you, then sad love poems may be the perfect way to describe your feelings.

In general, love is a beautiful and happy feeling, but sometimes some things go wrong and turns our beautiful love into sadness. It may be losing our loved one, breaking up, divorce, or find outing the person we loved more than the world has cheated on us.

Well, what can you say? It happens. Many of us have felt the feeling of being heart broken. But of course it shouldn't keep us from opening up and loving again.

After all, life without love is meaningless and joyless.

Poems are a great way to heal your hurt feelings and broken heart, or just simply let your ex know what you think about them and the current situation.

So here you can find beautiful sad love poems about...

  • Sorry love poems
  • Break up poems
  • Goodbye love peoms
  • Lost love poems
  • Hate peoms

So here are some touching and sad love poems for you...

  Thinking Of You
  I Wish This Poem Were Pixie Dust
  A Silent Tear
  The Luckiest Guy
  After You Are Gone
  A Broken Heart
  Right Here Waiting
  I Keep Looking
  If I Had Married You Instead of Her
  Love's Not Easy on the Internet
  Goodbye My Lover and My Friend
  I Wish that I Could Be with You
  Don't Go
  A New Beginning
  Be Gentle, What You're Holding Is My Heart
  From When First We Danced
  I Wish
  It All Went Far Too Quickly

  I Can't Sleep Anymore
  Always Choose Love
  Why Is It? Why?
  All About You
  Today Is the Day
  Dreaming of You
  How Long Is Forver?
  Will Love Last?
  Let Me Take Away Your Pain
  A Gift from Heaven
  I Miss Being in Love
  My Other Half

Creative Idea: You can use these love poems in your love letters. Find lots of free printable love letters to use easily!

I hope you enjoy reading the above sad love poems.

If you are looking for something more happy and romantic, you can check out our romantic poems and anniversary poems.

Check out these Sad Love Quotes!

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